Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Wave for the Independent Music Teacher?

I've found a way to embed Wave into my studio site as a way for my students to share videos, practice ideas, and questions for me and for other students. I have no idea if my students and their parents will use it, but I think it is a good alternative to setting up a separate bulletin board.

How about a Wave among private music teachers? A while ago I set up a public Wave, but the way the public waves are listed in the inbox, it was getting buried among many other similar waves. I'm hoping that having a public wave embedded here in my blog post will make it more convenient to use. Maybe? Let's find out. I've added the code to embed a wave below my text, but if nothing appears I'll try again. It doesn't show up in the preview pane.

Please join the wave and add comments there if you can. I have several invitations left if you are not using Wave yet. Leave me a comment below the post if you'd like. Now I'm off to get ready for my four hours of piano lessons . . .